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Heineken 0,33l/0,25l  bottle

Pack: 24 bottles x 330ml. or 24 bottles 250 ml per tray
84/91 tray per pallet
24 pallets per 40″ FCL.
2016 trays per 40″ FCL.


Origin: Holland

– All offers subject to availabillity and final confirmation.

Red Bull can 250ml.

Trey: 24 cans x 250cl.
108 pack per tray.
33 pallets per 40″ FCL.
3564 trays per 40″ FCL.

Origin: Austria
Remaining shelf life: 18 month.

– All offers subject to availabillity and final confirmation.

Krauzer Bräu Beer

Krauzer Bräu has all the fundamental characteristics of a great beer, offering a full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex.

Copper colored pour with a thick, off white head. Light aroma carries toasty malt to the nose. The toasty sweet malt continues through the flavor with the first sip. Hops are subdued but balanced – the hop bitterness is firm. Spices don’t show up till the end. It finishes nicely with a good spicy whack from the hops then lingering malt sweetness..

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